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Louisville Slugger
Hitting Science Center

Created to pair an unmatched knowledge in bats with our cutting-edge technology, physical training, and analytics program.

Louisville. KY + Lexington, KY

The Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center Scientific Method


The player will receive diagnostic baseline data from a series of tests and evaluations using our advanced tools.


The diagnostic baseline data will then be analyzed by an expert Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center coach.

Programming & Execution

Our team will then fully customize a program for the player based on their data that will  include a highly specific set of training protocols to enhance performance.

Camp and Clinic Packages

  • Diagnostic Showcase Only – Player Diagnostic Combine and Showcase
  • One-Day Diagnostic and Performance Camp – Diagnostic and Performance Day Camp
  • Two-Day Diagnostic and Skills Camp – Diagnostic, Performance and Baseball Skills Camp
  • Four-Day Diagnostic, Skills Camp and Tournament – Diagnostics, Performance, Baseball Skills and Two-Day Baseball Showcase Tournament
  • Coaches and Parents Clinic – A three-hour coaches and parents clinic covering player development and career optimization techniques and strategies.

Goals of Camps & Clinics

  • The Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center’s goal is to help players learn more about themselves, train to their strengths, reduce weaknesses and capitalize on opportunities in order to take the the player’s game to the next level by utilizing science and technology.
  • The Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center utilizes industry-leading technology and partners with medical and exercise science experts to help every player who sets foot in our facility elevate his/her game.

Current Players that use LSHSC as their Training Center of Choice

  • Will Smith – Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Chad Green – New York Yankees
  • Adam Duvall – Atlanta Braves
  • Josh Rodgers – Baltimore Orioles
  • Devin Hairston – Miami Marlins
  • Jake Snider – Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Drew Ellis – Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Cole Sturgeon – Boston Red Sox
  • Anderson Miller – Kansas City Royals
  • Logan Wyatt – San Francisco Giants
  • Kyle McGrath – San Diego Padres
  • Tyler Fitzgerald – San Francisco Giants
  • Brandon Pfaadt – Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Matt Blackham – Oakland Athletics
  • Ben Rortvedt – Minnesota Twins

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