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Camps and Clinics

Two Day Diagnostic & Skills camp


Two Day Camp that will include Diagnostics and Evaluation, In-person Performance Clinic, and a Day of Baseball Skills Trainings

$40 per Player Charge with a minimum of 100 players and a maximum of 300 players per session 

$160 per player for the Two Days and Four Sessions

Session 1 will Diagnosis and Evaluation of Players through the combination of cutting-edge technologies and position specific evaluations.
Players will receive their individual data and have it compared to other players at the event, regional benchmarks, age benchmarks, regional and national averages, college averages, and Major League Baseball Benchmark Data.
Players will also receive a high-level analysis of what each diagnostic means and how to get better at each metric.

Session 2 will focus on a Performance clinic that will include:

  • Speed and Agility Training Principles
  • Foundation of Throwing Fundamentals
  • Presentation on Nutrition
  • Presentation of Building a Recruiting Plan
  • Fundamentals of Power in Baseball
  • Presentation on Utilizing Analytics and Two Day Diagnostic and Skills Camp – Diagnostic, Performance, and Baseball Skills Camp
    Diagnostics in Baseball Effectively

Session 3 will focus on Defensive Drills and Techniques that will include:

  • Infield Fundamentals and Drills
  • Outfield Fundamentals and Drills
  • Catching Fundamentals and Drills
  • Pitching Fundamentals and Drills
  • Defensive Skills
  • Competitions

Session 4 will focus on Offensive Drills and Techniques that will include:

  • Hitting Biomechanics
    Situational Approach
  • Bat Speed Improvement
  • Bunting Fundamentals
  • Power and Balance
  • Reaction Time Training
  • Mental Optimization

Diagnostic Showcase Only

$50 per Player*

Player Diagnostic Combine

Individualized Data & Analysis

Access to Online and Virtual Training

One Day Diagnostic & Performance Camp

$100 per Player*

Session 1 – Diagnosis & Evaluation

One Performance Day Camp

Session 2 –  Four-Hour Clinic

Two Day Diagnostic & Skills Camp

$160 per Player*

Session 1 – Diagnosis & Evaluation

Session 2 – Performance Clinic

Comprehensive Baseball Skills Camp

Four Day Diagnostic, Skills & Tournament Camp

$210 per Player*

Diagnostics and Performance

One Day Baseball Skills Camp

Two-Day Baseball Showcase Tournament

Coaches & Parents Clinic

$30 per Player*

Three Hour Coaches & Parents Clinic

Diagnostics & Metrics Training

Career Optimization Techniques & Strategies