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May 20-22

baseball camps

Clinic Details

$75.00 per player

Camps and Clinics Overview

  • Diagnostics and Evaluation of Each Player

Players will undergo a series of baseball/softball performance diagnostics that will include speed, strength, velocity, power, agility, mobility, and neurocognitive function to give a full portrait of the players skills and performance profile.

  • Position-Specific Evaluation and Feedback
    • Once the players diagnostic testing is complete the player will then receive a comprehensive report that will feature how the player ranks with other players at the event, within the area, and in the United States for their age.  They will also be given personalized correctives to help optimize their biomechanics and technique.
  • Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning, and Throwing
    • Players that attend the Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center Mobile Lab will receive analysis and coaching on their performance in the areas of Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning, and Throwing. The player will be given coaching tips based upon their own strengths and weaknesses to help improve and optimize their individual skill sets.
  • Instruction From Professional Coaches

All Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center Coaches have extensive experience in baseball and softball instruction and education.  Many of the instructors have played, coached, and instructed at the college and/or professional level.

  • Optional Session for Parents
    • One of the most important sessions of the Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center Mobile Lab Series is the Parents and Coaches Clinic.  The Parents and Coaches clinic is intended to help parents and coaches understand the rationale and reasoning behind the LSHSC evaluation process. In addition to explaining what the results mean the LSHSC Staff will also explain how parents and coaches can implement the techniques and correctives to help optimize their athletes in their programs.
  • Established Relationships with LS Coaches who can Teach, Coach, Mentor Remotely.
    • The Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center utilizes the V1 Baseball app to communicate and reach players from across the United States. The Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center also conducts virtual clinics and produces a weekly television show called “Slugger Science Today” which features the latest baseball and softball technologies and coaching techniques.
START DATE: May 20, 2022
END DATE: May 22, 2022
AGE: 9-12U

8400 North Orange Prairie Rd
Peoria, IL 61615

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