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Buffalo, NY Camp



  • Diagnostics and Evaluation of Each Player
    • Biomechanical Analysis
    • Kinematic Sequencing
    • Ground Force Pressure Utilization
    • Balance and Direction Efficiency
  • Players will undergo a series of baseball/softball performance diagnostics that will include speed, strength, velocity, power, agility, mobility, and neurocognitive function to give a full portrait of the player’s skills and performance profile.
  • Creation of Player Profile based on the player’s individual metrics and measurements.
  • Complete Bio-mechanical screening from foot profile to 3-D motion capture swing analysis.
  • Established relationships with LSHSC Coaches who can help instruct, coach, & mentor remotely.
START DATE: July 5, 2023
TIME: 8 AM – 4 PM
AGE: 12+
Clinic Contact:
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