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Online Lessons with LSHSC Coaches

Connect with our coaches virtually to evaluate your pitch, swing, or other skill mechanics through the V1 BASEBALL app. Coaches will analyze and return a custom voice over video lesson. Return for another lesson and track your improvement over time. 


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Purchase an Online Lesson here

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Download V1 BASEBALL app 

Step 3

Select Slugger Science Online

Step 4

Send video to coach for analysis 




Meet your LSHSC Online Lesson Coaches 

Chad Miller


Coach Miller’s goal is to help players learn more about themselves, train to their strengths, reduce their weaknesses, increase their opportunities and diminish risks in order to to take the their game to the next level utilizing science and technology.

Ryan Wheat

Coach Wheat has coached numerous pro and college players and teams to their best hitting seasons and is here at LSHSC to help players at all levels improve their swing.

Heather Keepers

Coach Keepers loves working with youth softball players and developing next level hitting and slapping skills.

Neil Holland

Coach Holland wants to help pitchers at all levels make strides in their velocity, accuracy, and game strategy, while building a strong foundation of strength to prevent injury and increase recovery.

Lindsay Gardner

  Coach Gardner knows what success looks and feels like and loves working with athletes to unlock their power and potential.


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